Week 3 – Let my Light Shine


“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine” the words in a song I was taught as a child ran through my head this week. So profound. As I have reviewed the lesson and my life, I have thought about how I have dimmed the light.

For years now, I have sabotaged my life; rising to a position of leadership in a company, only to quit. Buying paint for painting my home but only painting a couple of rooms. Moving, getting out my art work for the walls but not hanging it. You can just imagine how the chore cards have worked for me.

I have never considered myself fearful. I don’t fear the dark, snakes, flying, or the condition of the world, but I realized I have a great fear; “the fear of failure”. Where did it come from? When…

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Week 3 – Deciding To Be Happy – Ramona’s Master Key Adventure MKMMA


During week 2 of the MKMMA journey I began to really craft my Definite Major Purpose (DMP).  I received wonderful guidance from my personally assigned MKMMA Guide.  The feedback was extremely valuable.  Just one example:  Several times throughout my DMP I had written that I want this and I want that.  My Guide shared that by using the word “want” that would attract more “want”.  Such a minor change made a big difference in my DMP and in the emotions that were created as a result.

As, my DMP began to unfold I realized that my desires did not line up with the desires of my soon to be hubby.  I desire to live at the beach and he has dreams of the Houston suburbs.  I desire travel and he is not interested in seeing the world because for years he traveled as a professional athlete.  I desire freedom from…

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Week 1 – Sitting Quiet


Well, trying to sit alone, undisturbed, erect, and comfortable for 15 minutes sounds easy, it was not.  I found this to be a great challenge.  My nose started to itch, my eye started to twitch, my back started to itch.  But, I continued to be persistent with my mind to focus on something that would bring great comfort to me to secure full control of my physical being.  It would take much more practice, but I remain determined.

I finished drafting my DMP. It felt empowering to write the words on paper and even more powerful as I would use my emotions to boldly recite the words of my Definite Major Purpose aloud.  Adding enthusiasm and feelings to wake up my subby. Using H.E.M. (hesitate, emphasize, and modulate) helped to add interest.  I find myself shouting out my dharma with conviction.  The price of success is found in some form…

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WEEK 4 – I promise to stay loyal to the exercises

Mark J. said that this is the week that we will either quit or give the Master Keys process 100% of our effort.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan to quit.  The daily list of things to do is long, but every day, I plan to do things to the best of my ability.

I plan to do it because I want to change, improve and grow.  I want to replace the old blueprint with a new one.  I want to develop new habits.  I want to grow rich.

Ralph Marston of Corcoran Coaching, [http://www.corcorancoaching.com/] recently wrote an article in which he said:

“The richness in your life is determined not by how much you have. It comes from how much you treasure and appreciate what you have.

Living richly is not necessarily a matter of living extravagantly. Living richly is living with purpose, with meaning, and with authentic joy in every moment.

You don’t need a certain set of circumstances to enjoy a life of richness. What it takes is a profound sense of gratitude for the life you have.

On this very day, in this very moment, you can live as richly as anyone. You can give great meaning and fulfillment to this moment by simply appreciating the fact that you’re in it.

Life’s endless goodness and richness surround you even now. Open your awareness to the positive possibilities and choose to live them.

Be truly rich, not by virtue of what you have, but by how much genuine meaning you give to each moment. Be truly rich, and let life’s goodness freely and unceasingly flow through all you do.”

I want to live a rich, full life.  I am certainly grateful for what I have and I purpose in my heart to have more, to be more and to do more.  To that end, I promise to stay loyal to the exercises, and I always keep my promises.

Patsy Clarke Peters


I am a real estate agent with EXIT Realty #LOVEXIT in New Jersey and last week, I got my first listing on a single family home. This means that a homeowner signed a contract agreeing to allow me and my agency to list her home for sale.

Later that same night, buoyed by that “win” and, intending to boast about my victory, I attended a real estate investor meeting that is held monthly in the area. However, when I got to the meeting, I realized that the organizers had a completely different meeting format planned for that evening.

There were approximately 26 people at the meeting and the organizers separated us into six small groups of four persons each (two groups each had a married couple that counted themselves as one). Each group had to assign a team member as a scribe to take notes of what individuals were saying, after which, each individual was given his/her notes to take home and review.

Each investor was given about 10 minutes and was asked the same questions which were designed to uncover problems, force people to go below the surface of their desires and dig deep for the truth and reveal their current reality:

1. Where are you in terms of your desire to be an investor?
2. Where do you want to go?
3. What is standing in your way?

Team members were encouraged to share from their personal experiences thus giving ideas to those being questioned to help them reach some decisions – whatever it takes to get them where they want to go.

Finally, the group was required to obtain a commitment from the person in the hot seat – a commitment to a particular behavior designed to effect the change they wanted. They were also encouraged to start by committing an hour a day to put their thoughts on paper.

At the end of the evening, there was a universal realization. For most of the people in the room, this was the first time they were part of a master mind alliance. This was the first time they had written down (or had written down for them) the germ of their definite major purpose #DMP. There was such a feeling of lightness and relief and comradery at the end of the evening that nobody wanted to go home right away.

That is when I realized how fortunate I am to be part of Mark J. and the Fabulous Davene’s Master Key Mastermind Alliance #MKMMA. This is what it is all about: Relationship – Accountability – Commitment.

Patsy Clarke Peters